How to Make Your Natural Hair Grow

If you are a Black Woman you know the struggles of having short natural hair that just will not grow! I have struggled with short hair for the longest time but as I have transitioned from relaxed to natural hair, I really had to take notice of the patterns I was doing and what I need to do instead! Here are my tips for making your hair grow.

This isn’t a “get longer hair fast” post this is a practical post that will help ensure you grow hair naturally, longer, and healthier!


Prep your hair for Shampooing

Pretreat hair with oils and other conditioners to help strengthen hair prior to shampooing.

Take care of your scalp!

Your scalp needs to stay stimulated and hydrated or else you’ll have dry brittle hair! Take a few minutes each night to massage your scalp with some lightweight oil. Afterwards, take a water bottle and dampen your hair for added moisture. Seal in the moisture with a natural oil and let it dry with a silk cap or wrap to hold in the moisture!

Good oils to boost hair growth natural include:

1.Almond oil

2.Avocado oil

3.Coconut oil

4.Castor oil

5.Jojoba oil

Think of every wash day as Extra Pampering for your Hair

Don’t just shampoo and condition but really get into pampering your hair. Make it feel good! Try hot oil treatments with every wash or at least once or twice a month! Give your hair a nice DIY hair mask or protein treatment. Trim your rough edges. Really deep condition your hair for 30 minutes with each wash and make your hair feel worthy of love!

Stop the extensive combing and brushing!

Detangling can be a hassle but it’s so worth it! Handle hair as if it’ fine silk!

Stop frying your hair!

Reduce heat when it comes to blow drying, flat ironing, and hot combing your hair. When you finish washing your hair just let it dry on its own! Instead of flat ironing your hair why not use curlers instead! Try protecting your hair by braiding your hair or try protective hairstyles!

Don’t forget about your overall health!

Consume your fruits, veggies, Vitamin C, zinc, iron, healthy fats, etc. Drink lots of water to stay hydrated. Exercise regularly to promote increased circulation! Its pretty simple and it does so much from the inside!

What are your tips for long hair naturally?


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