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New Documentary on the Black Church Shines a Light on Prosperity Pimps for Dollars

I have to give credit where it’s due, because columnist Deborrah Cooper was the first to shine a light on how the church exploits black women and milks them of their resources.

I remember interviewing Deborrah on this issue way back in the day.

The conversation continues with this newly-released documentary from Moguldom Studios.

I really wish black women would wake up to how these pimps are playing them for utter fools, bleeding them for time and financial resources,OUTRIGHT STEALING (because you don’t have to report donations to the IRS), keeping black women single and praying for their mythical black prince. I hope you took the time to view the trailer–what these folks say is absolutely true, about how these pastors roll out in their expensive cars and don’t even talk to the partitioners. They can’t be bothered. I experienced this myself when I approached the pastor of West Angeles Church in Los Angeles and he shoo’d me off and told me to talk to his secretary. These men want your money and your warm ass on the seat. That’s it. And this comes from a CHRISTIAN WOMAN, not an atheist. The black church has been utterly corrupted and unpoliced, and no one in the community will hold them accountable.

So why force them to change? Don’t; just stop going, and stop giving. Download bible verses and devotions on your iPhone. Go to the park on a beautiful day and hold silent communion with God. Give the 10 percent those greedy pimps at those churches try to extort (yes it is spiritual extortion to say that God will not bless you if you don’t give your $$) to a worthwhile charity. Whatever you do, stop being a sheep!church congregation

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