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New Interracial Relationship Fiction: “The Wrong Man”

Review of The Wrong Man by Karla Fears



What is a woman to do when temperatures soar into the triple digits? The best solution is to turn up the air-conditioner, sip a cold drink and read Delaney Diamond’s new book, The Wrong Man. You will find the drink and cool air are de rigeur for this sizzling read. A fast-paced, spicy, interracial romance, this book is definitely for mature audiences only.

Talia Jackson, an accomplished African-American woman, lives a tightly-controlled, elegant lifestyle as the Vice President of an advertising firm. Enter Tomas Molina, a gorgeous, Cuban Alpha male who has endured pain and hardship to become a successful businessman. When he and Talia meet at a party, tension causes sparks to fly, eventually into a conflagration.

I found The Wrong Man to be an excellent way of passing my afternoon. Both Talia and Tomas were believable characters, making it easy to root for their success. It was refreshing to read an interracial romance without the usual sturm und drang that crops up as a primary plot. You know what I’m talking about. African-American woman meets man of another race, likes him, listens to her African-American friends/family tell her how wrong her relationship is, breaks up with him on a technicality, only to end up with him despite what her friends/family think. These two were adults without that sort of baggage. I was delighted to see that Ms. Diamond did not delve into typical stereotypes, e.g. the crazy, jealous African- American man. Talia and her ex-husband had issues but they were able to deal with them maturely.

The Wrong Man is Delany Diamond’s best book to date. It was a very pleasant, very uplifting read that had me wanting more when it ended. I cannot wait for the next book in the series. If it lives up to the quality of this book, Ms. Diamond has a new fan!

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