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New Treatment for the “Denial & Defensiveness” Psychosis!

What’s that you say? Is this yet another Twinkie-defense, pseudo-psychological, Cracker Jack diagnosis? Well…yes. And…no.

It is true that this psychosis is yet to be acknowledged by the official Head Shrinker Association, but my resident psychologist, Dr. B.S. Detector, defines the affliction in the following terms:

The Denial and Defense Psychosis (DDP) is a pathological, idiotic and woefully annoying trait that many black women exhibit when the MERE DISCUSSION of interracial dating is brought to the table. Symptoms of this disease are often manifested by way of nasty name calling of a person who is exercising their options to date interracially or interculuturally, using terms like: self-hater, traitor to the race, Uncle Tom, white man’s [or whichever race applies] whore, etc. Exhibited primarily by black women, this affliction also causes delusional thoughts, such as believing that every black woman can find ‘Black Love’ if only she lower her standards to the fat, toothless, felonious, unemployed and uneducated.

There is only three cures to this affliction:

1) Hot, monkey sex with the following men:

Hugh, come here so I can eat you.

or him:

Wish I knew how to say "yummy" in whatever language his home country speaks!

or how about:

Rescue me....PLEASE!!!!!

According to Dr. B.S. Detector, who resides and practices in my own head, any and all combinations of the aforementioned COULD relieve the symptoms and tension often associated with DDP.

2) Another treatment suggestion requires the surgical removal of the afflicted’s head from her anus, but is only recommended in the worst-of-the-worst cases.

3) And finally, behavioral therapy is recommended to those open to seeing beyond their myopic point of view and actually SEEING WHAT IS, not what THEY WISH IT TO BE.

Sadly, most black women who have this disorder are resistant to treatment, and in those cases, Dr. B.S. Detector recommends lifetime institutionalization.

So, BB&W members, share YOUR story of a DDP sufferer. Everybody knows at least one.

Stay tuned–tomorrow I bring in a REAL psychologist who practices NOT in my own head, but in Seattle, Washington. She breaks down DDP to the brass tacks.

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