New Web Series: The Pursuit of Sexiness

Excuse me, but could somebody find Keenan “They just never find ones that are ready” Thompson, tap him on the shoulder, and then point him in the direction of a computer so he can check out the new web series The Pursuit of Sexiness?

The Pursuit of Sexiness is a comedy series starring comediennes Nicole Byer and Sasheer Zamata. And the plot? :”Best friends and troublemakers Nicky and Sheer are broke, single, and (adorably!) self-absorbed. They’re looking for good men, easy money and free meals but would be satisfied to break even and find a guy who doesn’t prematurely ejaculate. It’s life, liberty and the pursuit of sexiness.”

Sasheer Zamata (left) and  Nicole Byer

Sasheer Zamata (left) and Nicole Byer

Some are comparing the show to the HBO series Girls, but I think this series has more than enough meat on it to stand on its own two legs without being compared to anything else out there.

Sasheer and Nicole are hilarious, but as you can tell from the description of the series, they’re also a bit raunchy. In episode one, the ladies find themselves out on dates where they each hope that the night will end up with a romp in the haystack, if you know what I mean. And coincidentally, both ladies are out with non-black guys; and even better, neither of the ladies makes their date’s race the topic of conversation.

Check out the series premiere:

In episode number 3 (which also happens to be my favorite so far) the friends are comparing notes on their male facebook friends.


Here is the link to the show’s site where you can follow this series.



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