No Organized Defense of Black Women Allows Sh%t Like This.

Sigh…when I saw this on my feed, I thought to myself, “how low will this clown show of an election season go? We have real issues to discuss–unequal pay, enemies abroad and within, a shrinking middle class, and the cartoonist in the Trump camp decides that some of us should vote for Donald Trump because he has a hotter wife than the current president. Because, you know, that matters with world policy, and stuff.

This really isn’t a post dumping on the Trump campaign, but more it’s supporters, who delight in flipping racist triggers and dog whistle phrases and images to gain support. For example, using this depiction of Michelle Obama as an unattractive, masculine “she beast” compared to the delicate (and white) Milania. The idea that black women are ugly beasts of burden while white women are delicate flowers worthy of adoration and protection is as old as the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade. And in this case, it’s being perpetuated by white bigoted man–a type I would never, under any circumstances recommend for anyone here.

But the fact that this cartoon hasn’t gotten much outrage is because of a culture–both in and out of the black community–that allows open season on black women when it comes to all manner of insults and abuse, because we’re simply not worth the trouble. If the first lady of the United States can’t get outcry for such blatant racism and sexism, then what hope is there for us?

And to the men who read this blog and support Trump, now would be a good time to denounce this kind of dehumanization of black women, which is NOT harmless fun. These images and mockeries are dangerous, and frankly, most black men can’t be bothered to stick up for us either, and many of them also believe Milania will always be better than a black woman, even if she did go to an Ivy League school and can outthink Trump’s wife with one brain lobe tied behind her back.

I’ve got to hand it to Donald, though. Anyone who ever goes after his wife gets their balls handed to them, fitted for earrings. Michelle deserves to be defended too, and I wish the president would stick up for her.

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