“On The Rise” New Reality Show May Swirl On Screen

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On The Rise Reality Show Starring Dr. Misee Harris, Fawn Stone and LaKesha Walker

We are in the age of reality television. Some are great, informative, funny and all around good entertainment. Some are more on the drama side, making us cringe as we identify the one or two characters we love to hate. But we can’t stop watching. Well the newly anticipated reality show “On The Rise” may be a combination of all or none of what we are used to in reality television shows.

The Show:

“On The Rise” will profile three lovely ladies who have chosen to share their lives with us. Award winning producer B.J. Rouse created a show that has never been done in this particular format. The show chronicles the lives of three friends – Misee, Fawn and Lakesha – and the challenges they face as they balance successful careers and living the single life. While a production crew follows their everyday activities, the three ladies show the audience that you can be professionally driven without losing your true self.

The foundation of the show will be anchored on the three friends’ dual lives. Each episode will track each of them either hustling for their careers and/or playing equally hard, just for fun. We may find Misee and dental assistant business partner, Bianca, up all night trying to meet deadlines for delivering her custom mouthguards™ or flippers for beauty queens; Lakesha locked in her cave working on a script or Fawn working with her acting coach or auditioning for the next role. On the flip side, we may find the ladies hanging out at the beach, in the club, working out, celebrity & red carpet events or at home relaxing with family and friends.

The Ladies:

Dr. Misee Harris (#BeingMisee) is a pediatric dentist, humanitarian, entrepreneur and model with the look and sound of a Southern Belle from Columbia, Tennessee. Her alter ego, however, is far from what anyone would imagine a Southern Belle or a dentist to be. You will often find Misee rocking a new pair of Jordan’s and a baseball hat but she can also glam it up and look like she just stepped off the runway. In the Hip-Hop world, they describe Misee as “a dope ass doctor” or a “Dime.” She listens and parties to rap and hip hop music and has become the most sought after dentist among hip hop artists and athletes for her custom athletic mouthguards, in which she tags as “Grillz.” Although Misee tends to be outspoken, she gets the job done and believes in giving back to society. She does just that by providing a way for giving children from low income families’ proper dental care.

Fawn Stone (#Letmetellyou) is a lady who does not like to get caught up in drama. Well, with the exception of on the screen. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Fawn returned to her home city Los Angeles after graduating from Howard University in Washington, DC to pursue a career in acting and as a television correspondent. You will almost always find Fawn strutting her stuff in her 3-inch heels, even in a bowling alley. She says, “heels are more comfortable.” Some would say she was a diva, and she may have diva tendencies, but she is one of the most kind-hearted people you’ll ever meet. She’s still getting her feet wet in the business but she’s enjoying every moment of it. In her spare time she enjoys volunteering and giving back to inner city and incarcerated youth.

Lakesha Yvette Walker (#Unscripted) is a screenwriter from Graceville, Florida but also counts Germany, Louisiana and Monterey, California as part of her upbringing, being she was reared in a military family that traveled to bases around the world. Lakesha stands on middle ground between the “Wild Child” and the “Diva.” Though she loves to laugh and have fun as a comedy writer she would, but she also provides balance to the trio and is sometimes their only voice of reason. Her work may be scripted but her life sure is not. Lakesha created The Candid Confessional, a monthly performance event where writers, actors, directors, comics, poets, musicians and anyone else brave enough, step inside to… Confess. Lakesha is an avid dancer, fitness fanatic, blogger and runs her own production company, La Fille de Cacao Entertainment. Talk about drive. This lady rolls with the punches.

These phenomenal women are living their lives, but serve as inspirations to many. Fan letters and emails have already started to pour in to Misee, Fawn and LaKesha from admirers and those inspired by their drive, determination and beauty. We see all three gorgeous and glam African American women “On The Rise” in their respective careers. One question I asked was if the ladies would find love? Hey they are all single and all three ladies are down with the swirl. That doesn’t mean they will end up swirling, but they are all game if 3 swirling princes just happen on the scene. Now that, I really look forward to seeing. At any rate, I and the rest of American can’t wait to see this show.

Producer BJ Rouse, an independent filmmaker, former recipient of both the Kodak and the Panavision New Filmmakers Grant and the prestigious Guy Hanks and Marvin Miller Screenwriting Program a.k.a. the Cosby Program sponsored by Dr. and Mrs. Bill Cosby at the University of Southern California. Besides “On The Rise,” Rouse’s production company Rouse House Entertainment is currently producing the feature documentary film, “More Than Skin Deep” and has a slate full of projects and musical artists that will launch in 2014.

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