One Man Found Guilty of Not Disclosing HIV Status, Another Man Was Just Charged

Consider this post a friendly public service announcement about the importance of safe sex. It’s not just high schoolers who need this message.

Craig Lamar Davis, 43, was just convicted of knowingly exposing one woman to HIV. He faces a second trial in a different county–Fulton County, GA–for intentionally exposing another woman to the HIV virus.

Craig Lamar Davis/Image via NewsOne

Craig Lamar Davis/Image via NewsOne

The woman in the second trial claims she had not had sex for 15 years before meeting Davis, a married pastor (yes, he was an actual pastor of a church, you can’t make this stuff up) at the time, and beginning a sexual relationship with him. Fifteen years is a long time to forgo sexual relations, it makes you wonder what made this woman finally decide to get involved with a man, and a married man at that. A parched soul will drink from even the most polluted waters. This woman was clearly “parched” and Davis offered her his polluted water.

Davis’ story is a warning to those women that are lonely and single. There are men out there who are vultures; they prey/pray over the weak-minded, the weak-willed, and the lonely, looking for someone that they can trap in their web of lies. Do what you can to avoid allowing yourself to open the door to wolves in sheeps’ clothing.

In similar but even more grotesque news, a 22-year-old Michael Johnson, who knew he was HIV positive, videotaped himself having sex with 31 different people. The videos were discovered in Johnson’s dorm as part of an investigation into the man who was already charged with five felony counts of exposing partners to HIV. The videos were taken over a period of 4 months and included sex partners of both genders, almost the majority were men.

Prosecutors are collaborating with Lindenwood University in Missouri, the institution Johnson attended, to discover the identities of Johson’s sex partners. Authorities are calling on anyone who may have had sexual contact with Johnson to come forward.

Just imagine how many people Johnson could have infected with HIV in those 4 months. And how many newly infected people may have passed on the virus to their other unsuspecting sexual partners. If convicted, Johnson faces life in prison.

1 in 32 black women will be diagnosed with HIV at some point in their lives.

Stay safe, people.

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