Question of the Week

Open Mic Question of the Week: Rainbeaus and Black Girls Today No Question is Too Dumb to Ask.

I was going to use the second half of the day to do a previously scheduled “Question of the Week,” but the Thread That Never Ends still commands attention. ‘Ironbutterfly’ just made this comment:


I would love for us to have a thread where we can talk about this. Those who are ready can talk about this. I want to hear from WM and all Rainbeaux’s, I hope you guys want to hear from me. Those who don’t want to talk about this can move on to other things.

This is to all those WM who do want to talk about this and those of you who are “just so over it” this is not directed at you. So you can ignore these post. How can we talk about this because it seems to be a hurdle that comes up over and over again and we get stuck here. I want to hear from you guys and I want to be heard. What are some of the questions you guys have? How to do…? What are some of your struggles? Even those who are not giving up because of the “nothing but a brotha” kind or the less than cordial kind of BW what would you like to see happen or what are some of your questions?

Where my struggle is is with how to read WM’s que’s as well as if they really are open to IR. See I said it. Any WM offended, probably not because you know it is a real concern on both sides. Any WM please chime in so we can communicate and gain understanding. Also, when I am open with WM and “approach” them in a friendly but not too pushy manner, they seem uncomfortable. But when I don’t approach they don’t either. See, we all have some real concerns and we can talk about them. Matthew? Pete? Different? Tampajohn? Mel? Sweetlady?

If nobody wants to do this. That’s fine. I have other stuff to do.

So, I declare today’s QOTW as open mic. Rainbeaus, ask a question. State a concern. On this thread we promised not to behead you. Black ladies new to the swirl, this is a safe place for your to ask.

And those who are “just over it” you can just skip over this one and go comment on the Dark Girls post, which I think is a quite necessary and stimulating conversation, BRILLIANTLY written by moi.


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