What the Cuss?

Open Thread: Do You Find This Offensive?

Marlo Hampton, a former (?) RHOA cast member, wore a shirt that said “I love my redneck boyfriend” in the fashion and shape of the Confederate flag. She got dragged pretty hard in social media for this and has since apologized.

What do you think about her wearing such a shirt? Me personally? You wouldn’t have caught me dead in it. The symbolism is just too much. During the era of when the Confederate flag waved, black women weren’t proudly paraded on the arms of white men, and more likely was hidden away because of harsh legal and social consequences to a white man who’d dare love a black woman. More often than not, these relations between white men and black women were forced and rife with violence and humiliation. Why would you ever celebrate such a symbol…didn’t she understand what it implied?!


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