What the Cuss?

Open Thread: Hotep-Dude’s Idea of a Legit Harem….You Know, for ‘Black Unity’

1173819_10200497300419486_834798587_n This photo and subsequent caption came along my Facebook feed, and not the first time–I’ve seen lots of propaganda of late advocating polygyny–or, er–polygamy, which basically means the same thing. My first thought is, what benefit is this to black women, who out-educate, out-earn, and outnumber marriageable black men? Read the caption:

POLYGYNY……. This is one of my fbook friends who is in a lovely/beautiful polygynous relationship. Polygyny is growing and more black couples are considering it and engaging in it. Polygyny is for the benefit of women and children and with the women out numbering men it can be a solution to family unity. In polygyny every woman can have a man and every child can have a father. Polygyny is a big help financially when grown folk get together and combine their resources. It is not for everybody but for those engaged in it seem to be very happy and the children are cared for by a loving family. All parties involved have to be mature and understanding. The women have to be totally comfortable with self and love their sister-wife like a real sister. Sister wives at times become best friends and do everything together and have the same goals and purpose. They all take care of home and share duties around the house. Most polygynous relationships have very intelligent and responsible kids and the children have the attention of 3 to 4 adults. Polygyny has always thru history been a part of the African culture and the family unit progresses. There are many benefits of a polygynous relationship and it should be put on the table and talked about in the black community. Polygyny is going on under the table in some form anyway so why not put it on the table and organize it for the benefit of all involved and the children. I personally think its a beautiful thing and i personally would limit it to only 2 wives. More than 2 can get complicated and may ruin the family unit if one wife is not mentally stable or matured to a certain point. I have several friends in a polygynous relationship and it is more love and care floating around than the usual as far as i can see. 3 incomes is always better than 1 or 2 and 3 people working one business is always fruitful. I personally dont have to be in a polygynous relationship and i would be fine 1 on 1 but i would go their if the right situation presented itself. Hotep fam…

Do me a favor and read that again. Do you notice that only the women’s responsibilities and duties are listed? What does the man do? Just sit around taking turns having sex with his home-grown harem and donating sperm? Okay; he might have a job, but what else is he doing? Sure; polygamy has been around for a long time, but to ask black women to consider this practice when the male is generally in no financial position to take care of his women/wives and isn’t dripping in diamonds and oil fields, this just seems like these hoteps want socially-approved pimp-doms. Again, I ask, what benefit is this to black women of marriageable age and caliber?

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