Open Thread: Latin men 24/7



We keep our promises here at Beyond Black and White so you ladies booed up …..or want to be…. with Latin men here ya go.

Now I must say you all have got to bring it.  We got off to a great start with our White Guy Love thread.  Can you ladies meet or exceed the love shown there? Yeah  and I am especially  challenging you chicks lurking the site. Here is your chance to represent and brag about the good thing you’ve got going.  

Once again, this is your chance to tell it all so post photos of your man…or those you like and sing his praises for who they are, what they do and how they do the do.

Have fun!!

Oh for you ladies digging Asian men.  Start uploading those photos.  Your day is coming real soon.


A message from WorldTravelingChic:

“There are some gorgeous couples in this community. If any of you are interested/willing to share your love story and further encourage us singletons in the search, email me! (worldtravelingchic[at]gmail[dot]com) Judging by the love that radiates from your pics, I know you have good stuff to share!”





Step 1: Go to comment box.

Step 2: Look along the bottom bar.  Note icons.  See one that looks like a framed mountain and sun?

Step 3. Click that icon. Follow instructions from there.

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