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Our Own Kimberly Jesse Interviews George Tillman Future Director of SWIRLING Movie

Sheesh, it’s a small world. My buddy Kimberly Jesse, a mainstay around Hollywood’s elite, interviewed George Tillman Jr., co-founder of State Street Productions during the premiere of Faster, starring my imaginary husband, Dwayne Johnson. To get the connection here, George Tillman’s company approached Janice and I to package SWIRLING for a major motion picture to present to the major studios. George and his creative executive, Stacey Glassgold love SWIRLING (thank you, Jesus and all the saints) and believe they can help us craft the script and cast based on the core message of the book, which is to choose character above color.  (And on a personal note, I just really admire George. He’s happily married to a beautiful woman and has three kids. I’m looking forward to his next project, which is a Miles Davis biopic. This should be good!)

George and his wife, Marcia at the "Notorious" premeire

Anyway, he’s Kimberly doing her thing:

Dang! Kimberly knows er’rybody!

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