Paleo-riffic Sweet Potato Noodles with Crispy Sage


Paleo-riffic Sweet Potato Noodles with

I’m growing two types of organic sage leaves in my garden along my fence in order to save room for bigger plants.

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I’ve been using it mainly for chicken recipes, but after learning about a neat little kitchen doo-hicky at Williams Sonoma, recommended by a fellow Temecula blogger, the Civilized Caveman, I decided to try making noodles out of sweet potatoes with a Spirilizer.

I’m not one for collecting a bunch of kitchen toys because they take up so much counter space, but after seeing a demonstration, I just had to have it.

So today while the rest of my family noshed on real pasta, I refused to be left out. I created my own “pasta,” which is healthier and damn tasty too.



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