Paula Patton is the Black “Mission Impossible” Girl…or is She??

Paula Patton’s star has been steadily rising over the years, and honestly, I didn’t know what in tarnation race, nationality, creed or religion she was when she co-starred with Denzel Washington in Dejua Vu, but since then, she’s been a cast as black-ish in movies like Just Wright and Jumping The Broom. Now she plays opposite Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible and I must gush a little bit, because, well, she’s at least 1/2 my sister. Which leads me to the whole conversation about claiming blackness. Here’s Halle Berry’s latest bit of insanity (gawdlawdgeezus bless her poor daughter and let’s pray crazy isn’t catchy)

Gabriel isn’t much better, but at least he’s closer to the truth: the kid is…what? 3/4 white. But…really guys? Ya’ll are playing tug of war over what race this kid is? I mean, why the cuss does it even matter to these folks?

Which is why I can’t with good conscience, claim Patton as 100% black, because that would be to negate 50% of what she is. I can only pray that the world comes to it’s senses when Clo Clo runs for president.

Gorsh, she shoo is purdee!

Meh. Who cares. I love Paula, love her husband, Robin Thicke, even more, and support her work 100%.


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