Why is This Picture of Zoe Saldana’s Sisters Making Folks Mad?

@catch you rock! Thank you for last night. #family

A photo posted by Zoe Saldana (@zoesaldana) on

Some comments from the haters…

bonnabella876@raresensibility most white men want to date white women. It’s why Bradley cooper dumped Zoe. White men are inherently white supremacist and want to only pass on their wealth and global status to white children. Not black ones. A black woman is almost always the breadwinner when she goes white. Zoe is the breadwinner. When you come with resources they overlook your blackness #factsonly. Dated numerous white men and they even said it openly.

melvinikOmg i’m literally shaking ….they taking away our black queens from us….this isn’t okay, we suffered so much for our freedom to enjoy it with our queens and now they take them from us…I’M SICK

kemet121671.ew@calebmajur humans with beast! Sistahs r the humans and dem cavealiens r the beast!!

Fortunately, most of the comments were favorable, and folks went in to shut down the haters.


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