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Praise the gods!! Word Has it Oxygen is Pulling the Plug on “All My Baby Mamas”

Whoever said armchair activism doesn’t work? Turns out that all the complaining and petition signing has got the producers over at Oxygen scared enough to rethink the launch of this ratchet show. According to the Daily Beast

Though the network denies it, Oxygen is expected to announce that All My Babies’ Mamas won’t ever see the light of day, according to my sources—and that’s a good thing. Still, I’m more concerned with how it ever reached this point. How could a network ever assume that a show about an African-American rapper with 11 kids by 10 women would be OK and not immediately deemed racist? How could it not see that it was offending, insulting, and mocking an entire segment of the African-American community? The answer is pretty simple. The network saw it; the network just didn’t care.

A petition on Change.org had 40,000 signatures in 10 days. Many bloggers (myself included) should give themselves a pat on the back for not letting this one slide, because the squeaky wheel gets the cancelled (un) reality show.

Of course this will come as a deadly blow to Mr. Shawty Lo and his stable of baby mamas, because the meal ticket they were expecting to manage that clustercuss has been revoked, but not soon enough before Shawty Lo could knock up YET ANOTHER dumb broad.

“Welp, word on the curb is underground Atlanta rapper Jai Jai is pregnant with Shawty Lo’s 12th child,” according to Sandra Rose. Silly rabbit. Bet she thought the spawn of Shawty Lo would give her entre on the not-ever-to-be-seen (un)reality show. I guess Shawty will just have to go get a real job if he is to support his 12 children by ten baby mamas. But lucky for us, we will all be spared the slow train wreck.

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