What Prince Harry’s Letter to the Media About Ms. Markle REALLY Means


After much speculation about whether or not Prince Harry was indeed seeing biracial actress, Meghan Markle, Harry removed all doubt when he made a public statement regarding the egregious invasion of Markle’s privacy, along with a firm but polite request to back the f%$# up.


This is an unprecedented move on the part of a member of the royal family to provide a circle of protection on someone they cared about. What is more, Harry openly decried the subtle and not-so-subtle racism reported in about Markle in the tabloids and openly CLAIM her as his girlfriend. Stuff like that doesn’t happen every day, and I’m sure many a blond haired fair ladies are chagrined.

What is more, you’d better believe that other members of the royals–Charles and the Queen Mother–know of their son’s fondness for Ms. Markle. She’s met the ‘rents. That means Prince Harry is serious. If he finally settled down, Markle’s story would be extraordinary. Black mother, white dad, who raised her near Compton, California–the heart of the Los Angeles inner city. Going from that to Kensington Palace would be quite the story.

You’ve got to admire the absolute chivalry of this man. It’s enough to make you swoon. I bet Ms. Markle is, too.

And to the men…I hope you’re taking notes. This is quite the manhood lesson.

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