Product Picks

Product Pick: Neocell Collagen with Vitamins, Herbal Beauty Mist

For those of you who missed the inaugural SWIRLING book signing, you poor things. Besides missing a really great party, you didn’t get this particular goodie out of the goodie bag: Neocell Collagen with Vitamins, Herbal Beauty Mist. I’m spraying it on my face as I type this, not just because it smells like a fancy, high-priced spa, but because it’s chock-full of skin-loving ingredients like aloe vera juice, soluble collagen, rosemary extract, Vitamin E and A, and more. I will be spraying this stuff on my skin like crazy during the summer because it’s just so cool and refreshing. It’s also ideal for ladies with oily skin because it’s doesn’t contain any.

How I’m using it

When it’s hot and sticky, it’s important not to add too much goop to your face lest you get those nasty blackheads. I wash my face first, spray on the Neocell mist, and then finish with a good sunscreen. You can ever use it over makeup to set and refresh it.

But I don’t just limit the stuff to my face–I spray it all over my body (and hair!), especially if I’m at the beach or by the pool. I’ve even sprayed them under my arms for a freshening up.

It’s all around awesome, and you a buy it here.

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