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QOTW: Black Man Asks Why Most Black Women Don’t Take Rainbeau Overtures Seriously

Out of all the notes I’ve gotten on Facebook, this one is like in the top-single digits on the list of WHAT I NEVER THOUGHT I’D READ ON FACEBOOK.

Hello Christelyn,

My name is Brent Vonsuello Moss and I just wanted to tell you I really enjoy your website because it helps black women make a push towards staying out of the box. I notice as a black male that white,latino and asian guys are showing interest, but alot of black women do not want to believe it or they do not see it.

I live in South Carolina and I hang around a large variety of people and I have noticed that most black males that I know who are educated or more than just a gangbanger or hood off the street are not that interested (and i mean toward marrying and dating) in black women. They want asian,latina,white or bi-racial women but not black and if some do she has to have straight long hair and she cannot be dark skinned.

I find it very disturbing given these men their mothers and sisters are black women.This is definitely why I believe black women need to stop on train for that black man who are not interested and realize their are men of every race is interested in them and they might be mutual aquaintances or co-workers.

Now back to black women and men of other races. I have seen plenty of white guys show interest in black women and the black women not take it as a serious. I work as a nurse I work with plenty of the black women in the medical field, and I have seen white guys who were firefighers,doctors and EMT’s who almost had to bend over and backwards to get the bw to notice that is why I always help the bw to see that he is interested and all are happy I pointed it out because many do not think the white male or latino male would be. I just wanted to tell you why I like your website and I tell many bw to come your site if they are interested in another man than just black men.

Thank you

Edited to add for the benefit of the village idiot, “Melissa” who thought I made this question up. Silly rabbit.

Good question, Brent. Why aren’t some black women blind to the overtures from men of other races? Is it because they don’t recognize them? Could be it. Or is it because they think so lowly of themselves that they think no non-black man would think them beautiful and worthy of more than a hot and sweaty jump off? WHAAAAAT?

P.S. Most likely if you’re here, the black women of which he speaks isn’t you. So do your good deed for the day and pass the link along to a few of your NBAB friends.


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