Question of the Week

QOTW: “How Do I Protect My Girlfriend From Racist Family Members?”

The question…

“Here’s my dilemma: To make a long story short, one of my two sisters, my father, and I are the only three in my entire family that don’t see interracial relationships as wrong. Besides the three of us, my family has never and will never approve of me being romantically associated with a black woman. So here’s my question regarding this: what appropriate method would you suggest I use to inform my potential (or current) nonwhite girlfriend of the difficulties she will probably face while allowing me a chance to be her boyfriend? I don’t want to scare her off and encourage her to get a restraining order, but I also think it only fair that she’s made aware of the potential problems she’ll possibly face while she’s with me. I don’t know any woman that appreciates that kind of surprise…”


Here’s my take…

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