QOTW: Reader Sabotages Relationship Prospects Before It Begins

Hey Chris!I’d just like to hear your opinion on my current situation.I’m a 21 year old female in her final year in school.I’m studying medicine and the majority of my classmates are other girls.I have spent a lot of time studying throughout my schooling although I went to a good amount of parties when my work was not so demanding.I have not been in a relationship in 3 years..a few bogus dates and guys messaging me that I’m attractive but no one interesting to me.After I graduate the only place I could meet someone is probably work.When people joke about the person I’ll marry, part of me says “ha like that will happen”.Maybe I’m just moping but I’d still like to hear what you say.Thank you!! – A.M

Here’s my take…

Never underestimate the power of the messages you say to yourself. You internalize and absorb them mentally, physically and spiritually. Worse, people sense it. We humans are very perceptive…there’s so much we can recognize about a person through body language and energy–we may not always understand why we feel a person is unapproachable, but we have the “gut feeling” to keep away. When you tell yourself you’re never going to find anyone, that message is transmitted loud and clear through our communication and mannerisms.

I get so many notes from young women who see really clueless when it comes to dating and taking charge of their romantic lives. That’s why I’m always recommending Matthew Hussey and his “Get The Guy” relationship coaching. He gives concrete advice, not just some hypothetical psychobabble. He gives solid, concrete advice that you can go out and use IMMEDIATELY. Check it out here.

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