Question of the Week

Question of the Week: Are We Going Too Far with the Encouraging Black Women to Date White Dudes?

Now, now I know some of you are shocked SHOCKED! by this headline, especially the Trollpanians who swear I have an altar made up of white people-scented candles, white Ken dolls–Beach Ken, Ballroom Ken, Boardroom Ken–all surrounded by skis, snowboards, hockey sticks and incense, but, you’d be wrong. This question came to my mind when I saw this clip:

I actually spoke with the author this afternoon, and I’ll be chatting up her book, The Black Girl’s Guide to Dating White Men. She’s a nice chick.

But here’s where my concern arises. Black people–women especially–tend to lionize. It can’t just be, “I love black men.” It’s gotta be all, “I LUUUUUV MY BLACK KAAAAAANGGGS!!!” or “Black men are God’s tears!!” Another example: church preachers. My mother is a penny in Creflo Dollar’s pocketbook and she’d eat his boogers if he asked her to. Because, EVERYONE knows the crusted mucus of television pastors is holy.

I’m thinking we have to be cognizant of the pendulum swinging into the other direction, m’ladies. I don’t make many THOU ARTS and THOU SHALTS around here, but remember what happened when many black men began to think their feces was odorless, or worse, smelled like verbena? I know we bloggers have been murmuring about how swimming in the white sea isn’t call warm calm waters, but I just want to make sure we/I/you make it clear that dating interracially does not and should not default to white. I was talking to Rick Banks (yes; I can call him Rick haha) and he made a good point that I think we shouldn’t forget. “[It] doesn’t make much sense to limit yourself. You might find the qualities you want someone from Spain, Libya or Idaho.” Mr. Is Marriage for White People? told me.

I think now’s a good time to remember (especially the newbies) is cornerstone Numero Uno at BB&W: CHOOSE CHARACTER ABOVE COLOR…ALWAYS.

Hate to use the word that make me think of those doctors that stick their entire arm up a cow’s poop chamber, but…


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