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Question of the Week: How Can I ‘Swirl’ with No Cream??

This is from Sherri. She’s a BB&W sis:

I live in Oklahoma. I have lived here since the end of ’02. Sad to say I only see swirling among the college age and younger. As a single 37 year old BW with no children, I have found meeting WM difficult. I have one more year before I can seriously entertain moving to a city/state where I can meet men who have no issue with color.

Well, I have never BEEN to Oklahoma, but I think I’ve seen the movie.

I once had a boss from OK, who told me my husband “was a lucky man,” when he saw a picture of me in a bikini on my honeymoon in Maui. So, that doesn’t really count me as an expert, but…close enough.

A quick Google and I found out a few little tidbits about this place:

–Garth Brooks was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He grew up in Yukon, Oklahoma.

–Oklahoma was the setting for the movie, Twister.

–Oklahoma’s state bird the Scissor-Tailed Flycatcher.

–The world’s first installed parking meter was in Oklahoma City, on July 16, 1935.

That last one is grounds enough to get up and move.

It’s nice to know youngins’ are swirling in Oklahoma, but if it’s dry as a desert for your demographic, time to get out of Dodge. Or, Oklahoma City. Or, wherever you are.

BUT, there’s no Rainbeau mecca, where NO ONE will care that you swirl. Like certain mammalian orifices (that will remain hushed in polite company), everybody has an opinion.

That said, some places in the world are just…easier. So I say this: you’re not married, you have no kids, so pack your bags.

What say ya’ll?

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