Question of the Week

Question of the Week: What Body Part Does Your Rainbeau Go Crazy For?

I got this question from my pal, Lee Moulton. And how thought to myself, “self, this is a VERY good Question of the Week!” Thanks Lee.

Is there something about yourself that you’re way insecure about, but that ranbeau men think is off the chain sexy? (my wife used to get made fun of her “huge” lips when she was a kid…she still finds it odd I keep telling her how beautiful and perfect they are)

For me, it was my skin color. All my life, I’d been told in word and in action that my darkness what a BIG minus. One cousin, who is now dead and I can’t say I lose any sleep over it, told my mother that “I wasn’t cute because I was dark,” when she presented me to her as a NEWBORN BABY.

So I spent a lot of my life wishing that I was lighter. If I could just be lighter, then the IBM’s would want me. If I could just be lighter, I wouldn’t have to wait for a man to choose me, but rather I could be in control.

So when I met my husband, and he didn’t give a crap about my color–just thought I was beautiful–I knew I’d found home.

How about you?

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