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Question of the Week: “What Kind of Rainbeaus Do You Attract?”

It’s Wednesday. You know what that means.

So here’s the question of the week:

I have been married for over 20 years to my rainbeau man and my husband is quite aware of men checking me out. No problem. What is interesting is that Middle Eastern and Latino men both on and offline seem to be trying to “connect”. These are professional men that appear to have no issues with color.

It would be interesting to hear other readers experiences.

Yoo-hoo; me again. Personally, besides the obvious answer (and before Facebook was invented), I mostly caught the eye of white guys, aside from my first high-school boyfriend/obsession, who was Mexican.

That said, there was this one time, with this one Iranian guy in college who liked me, but I gave him no play after he told me he could never marry a black girl because his family wouldn’t allow it. Done; and next. Checked Persian men off the list completely. Nothing personal. Not to sound trite, but my best friend is Persian.

No, I mean, really. She is.





Me and bestie, Padideh Jafari, apple picking



That’s how I know that I was right to run. Got the inside scoop. I’m like family at the Jafari’s, but it might have been a different story if I’d hooked up with one of her brothers.

I plan to pursue this issue a little bit more in upcoming posts, because no marriage-minded rainbeau dater should waste their time with men whose families vehemently exclude intercultural marriage.

Am I wrong about this?

Okay; you may speak.

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