Question of the Week

Question of the Week: Will My Rainbeau Effect MY Career?

Now here’s a twist…

Basically, my boyfriend and I were talking more about our plans for the future and what we’re hoping on doing professionally. Well, it seems like my chosen career would place me in more of a professional setting than his would (I’m studying English so I can be an editor and his major is Philosophy with a focus in Religion so he’s more focused on writing though he does have a strong steady job). Basically, do you think being in an interracial relationship would affect me professionally in the same way it would affect him if he were the one in an office setting? I ask because there have been discussions on the site about the strong possibility that the rainbeau in the relationship would have his career negatively affected and I was wondering if anyone has found the reverse to also be true?

Good question, but…I got nothing. (Well; I do, but I’m going to pepper it into the comments so you just have to pretend you have to go to the bathroom and sneak online with your smart phone.)

It’s questions like this that make me glad that I have readers who are so much smarter than me.

Weigh in!

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