Question of the Week

Question of the Week: “How Do I Avoid the Friend Zone?” and Other Obstables for Finding Love…

Good Afternoon,

My name is Niki and let me start off by saying that I love your site. It’s just everything.
I was wondering if you can give me a little advice.
I’m 33yrs old. and I have not been a real relationship for years. I tell myself constantly that it’s okay and I don’t want to get married but in all honesty, it’s a lie. Furthermore, the type of guys I’m interested in are white but it’s so hard to find. And when I find a guy, he looks at me as a friend and a real good buddy.
Also, this is sad, but sometimes I find myself wondering if my looks are not good enough.
I’m friendly, easy going, no drama, educated and no children running around. All I’m looking for is a good guy.
Can you give me a little advice.
Thank You.

Again, here’s a picture of the lovely Niki, who struggles with seeing what a true beauty she really is..

Let’s give Niki some love! Reach out at [email protected]

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