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Read Carefully: JEZEBELS are NOT your SISTERS!!

And I thought I was done blogging for the day, and then I go over to the den of closeted bigots masquerading as feminists and read Jezabel’s take on Dr. Ralph’s story in the Wall Street Journal about how black women should open their dating options, and THEN I catch the fart wind. JEZEBEL, I HATE YOU. I mean, really, really hate you. And since it requires a lot of effort to hate something, I’m taking the time to write in this blog about how much I hate you.

You are a bunch of hypocritical harpies, with your faux concern for black women, it’s so gee-dee pathetic I can’t stand it. You RELISH in the misery of black women, which is why you did the hit piece on No Wedding No Womb last year. You play a good game, I’ll give you that. And the amount of dumb, black sheep that join hands with you should all get a lobotomy.

Some wise woman from another post today said, “This is why I will never have anything to do with mainstream feminists: It’s mostly privileged white women who would see me dead before seeing me in a happy and functional relationship. Because for all their talk, at the end of the day, they will not let go of their bigotry and privilege, and that means more to them then the body parts we have in common.”

And THAT’S why you suck.

We could use the suffering of black women and, by extension, the black American family, as a starting point in a discussion about reforming law enforcement and the American penal system, as well as cultural attitudes about beauty and attraction.

Or, we could just tell black women that they should just start going out with white guys. Yes, black ladies: white men will solve all your problems.

Where the EFF did Dr. Ralph say that?! You people over at JEZE need to read for comprehension. Is the Wall Street Journal too cerebral for you? Because if I recall, the author said that black women should make themselves open to ALL races. You suck, because you LIE.

In your criticism of the WSJ article, you basically scoff at him for suggesting something that might bring a lot of black women some happiness for a change. But no; YOU ARE INVESTED IN OUR MISERY.

Banks presents several oppositions to his far fetched suggestion that women just decide to be attracted to something different than what they’re interested in; namely, some black women don’t want to have to exhaustively re-explain day-to-day realities of being black- their hair or skin care regimen, for example- to a non-black boyfriend. Some want to be with someone who understands the challenges one faces growing up black in America. Others want their children to look like them. One light skinned black woman mentioned in the article expressed fear that if she had a child with a white man, the baby could pass as white and people on the street would think that she was her own child’s nanny.

Who says black women don’t WANT to date non-black men, you bi-otches?! And believe me the whole hair and child-not-looking like-you arguement is so tired.

As well-intentioned as Banks’ argument is, it’s far from realistic, and it’s the socialogical equivalent of installing a collection of decorative buckets beneath a gushing leak rather than just fixing the damn roof.

So what, JEZEBEL, we’re just supposed to AGAIN hold it down for black men and picket and protest to keep black men out of jail? Are black men just a bunch of wussies who need THE WIMMINS to fight their battles? What the PHUCK! So it will take, what, another generation or so until we have enough black men to marry, and in the interim, your advice is for us to “fix” Ray-Ray. You’d like that, wouldn’t you.

What’s the matter, you feeling a bit threatened? Your jelly is showing.

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