Recognize Yourself? Five Signs You Are An Angry Black Woman

By Elaine Flowers, BB&W guest writer


We could use this time to go over all of the good reasons why black women should be angry, but I have always lived by the mantra: a problem defined, is a problem half solved. We know there is a large demographic of black women who are angry—let’s forget WHY they’re angry and move into solution mode. Now that we’ve determined we are mad at the world (for a good reason or not), we can move onto RELAX, RELATE and RELEASE mode. Here are some identifying qualities for black women who are angry and the ones who are not sure if they fall into this category.


Sign 5:

If strangers and those you don’t know well find you unapproachable, this is a really good sign that you are an angry black woman. When people are uneasy and unsure around you, you are giving off vibes that they should proceed with caution.


Sign 4:

If you are constantly lied to by others there is a good chance people are afraid of you and the consequences if they tell you the truth. Will you fly off the handle? Do you have people shaking in their boots, ready to flee, and avoiding you for fear you will go off on them? If so, you are an angry black woman.


Sign 3:

If you are quick to anger at the slightest infraction and ready to go to any length to ensure you, or those you care about, are not being wronged in any way, you are an angry black woman.


Sign 2:

If you walk around with snappy comebacks and/or an argument cocked and ready to shoot if the smallest thing goes awry, you are an angry black woman.


Sign 1:

The #1 sign that you are an angry black woman is if you can come up with a thousand reasons why you’re single but none of the reasons lead back to you and your behavior, then you are an angry black woman.


Yes, there are other groups of people who are mad at the world, but we’re not addressing them and that is so not the issue. And if you want to get into why you are so angry, you run the risk of being stuck in the “whys” and the “whose” when you can simply decide to rid yourself of the toxicity and enjoy the blessed life God gave you.


Four things you can do daily to start you on your path to peace…


Stand in the long line at the grocery store; this will increase your level of patience.

Smile and greet people first; this will show others that you are approachable.

Count to ten and take a moment when something negative happens. You may find things aren’t as they first appeared.

Take up yoga. Studies show yoga has a direct calming effect on the central nervous that persists throughout the day.

Like many, I come from a family of women who would easily walk a mile for a fight. From one soldier to another, it’s time for that to cease. Join me in ending this particular generational curse.


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