Reflections: It was MLK Day. Are You Living the Dream?

I couldn’t end this day–the 50th anniversary of the MLK “I Have a Dream” speech without taking a moment to thank Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and all the men and women who sacrificed, bled and died so that I could live the life I’m living right now.

It’s because of these brave individuals that I can (and you can) love and marry the man or woman that you love regardless of their race, color, or creed. Without their bravery, I wouldn’t have what I have, and I’m deeply appreciative.

MLK was the first to teach us to choose character above color, and what a wonderful lesson.

I’d like to think Dr. King would smile to see this–a man proposes to his beloved while they are both at the March on Washington celebration.

Screen shot 2013-08-28 at 9.08.39 PM


(via Black and Bourgie)

Now that’s priceless.

Are you living YOUR dream? If not, what steps are you taking to make it happen?

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