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Why Do We Always Have to Be Reminded that “White People Do It, Too!”

Something to scratch your head about during Domestic Violence Awareness Month…

Whether it’s sexually assaulting children or the unrepressed violence and hatred toward black women, there will always be one rebuttal that we can count on from the GAT-DL: “White people do it, too!”

Concerned about the commonality of rape among underage black girls? You shouldn’t be because, “child molestation is a white crime. Those white men are nasty.” Feel like it’s disgraceful and shameful that black people go out of their way to cover for abusers, sexual predators, and other variations of human filth? Oh, you’re overreacting! Other ethnic groups partake in this behavior as well. Clearly that means we’re just like everybody else!

But wait, when black people act up and are called on being scumbags by people who are not black,  the issue isn’t that the persons in question are scum, but why black scum isn’t treated as well as non-black scum. Yes, let’s completely ignore the whole “scum” thing in the name of racial solidarity.

In any case, I have heard variations of the above all my life from numerous sources and sick of it is the understatement to end all understatements regarding my feelings on the matter.

It is one of the pettiest excuses any human being can put forth regarding the ugliness so common within the black community. It is a hallmark of cowardice and the rallying cry of evil. Because evil needs other evil to continue. You notice how these people don’t look to the good in other people to tell themselves that this behavior is wrong and should stop. No, they look to the bad to justify the continuation of hateful and hurtful actions against the most vulnerable among them.


“White People Do It, Too!”





No, I would seriously like to hear a VALID justification for why what sick twisted thing another person or group does makes what you do okay. Is that what you’ll tell the judge at your trial? “White people steal so I figured it was okay for me to get mine.” Is that what you’ll tell the surviving family members of the black girlfriend you shot and killed during an argument? “Well, you are all overreacting because white people kill more of each other than we do.” Is this what you’ll tell your wide-eyed six and seven year old daughters before you tuck them in at night? “I know your Uncle Steve has been touching you, but you aren’t to tell anybody and I’m not going to stop it. But at least he’s not white. Since it’s white men that’s really bad about child molestation.”



“White People Do It, Too!”


GAT-DL, if all the white people on Earth jumped from the Brooklyn Bridge, would you do it as well?

Of course you would!

Since you need so badly to follow after the worst examples of white people no matter how much you’d like us to think otherwise.


“Divide and conquer”? You are already defeated, so there is nothing left to conquer. As much as you promote the fantasy about some outward conspiracy to eliminate you by “The Man” or the white populous, the truth is no one gives a damn about you. Don’t even bother with the facade of indignation regarding this fact because you don’t give a damn about yourselves either.

Any group of people that can go out of their way to excuse predatory behaviors, blame the victims (even innocent little children!) for the despicable acts committed by others, and turn their backs on involving any kind of justice system to stop the murdering, raping, and beatings cannot flatter themselves to think they are even worth considering a threat in need of being destroyed. These backward folks are fixated on a “white enemy” as responsible for their crimes against themselves. It’s easier to pretend someone else is to blame for your own problems than to fix them.



“White People Do It, Too!!!”



Dear “Guardians of All Things Dark and Lovely”:

One of the most annoying things about this particular meme of yours is that you spend SO MUCH time trying to convince everyone else what a victim you are of “white people holding you back”. Yet one of the first things out of your mouth when you are caught doing something wrong or want to justify the continuation of doing wrong is that “white people do it, too.”

Thereby, from your own lips, confirming what everyone else has already known: You in your hearts desire to be slaves. You are so twisted by the brainwashing of white racism that you are in love with white racists and feel the need to do their bidding. You are a sister soldier to the cause of every white hate group on the planet.

You are in fact “guarding” all things dark and lovely while your adopted master is away and destroying as much of it as you can before he gets back so he can give you a pat on the head for it.


But in order to throw everyone else off the trail, you have to put on an act about “blackness” and how much you love yourself. But I’m not buying it. “Black is beautiful” does not mean ostracizing your darkest women and telling them how ugly and unwanted they are. “Pride in blackness” does not mean coddling and protecting and excusing murder, rape, and robbery and throwing black women under the bus in order to keep guilty men out of jail. And “black solidarity” does not mean looking for excuses to justify the startlingly high rate of murder of black women by black men.


“That’s an over-exaggeration! Black people need to stick together and not let these white people-“


I see you coming and I’ve got your number. “White people do it, too!” is code for “Our white racist leaders have decreed our blackness unfit to exist upon this Earth. Following their noble example, we will do what we can do degrade and murder ourselves until we are no longer a stain upon their land. Won’t our KKK brethren be pleased?!”


So GAT-KKK, understand that this is just one of MANY reasons why when you start in with all your talk about how I’m not “black” enough, you need not confuse my vacant indifferent stare with anything remotely resembling having taken you seriously.


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