Riddle Me This: What Other Award Shows Have Actual Shootings and People Killed ‘Black Excrement Television’ (BET)

I’m convinced most of the wealthy black elite class in America could not give two negative phucks for ‘regular’ black people, and they’re willing to sell folks a bill of hoodwinked goods if it will turn 30-note of silver. News you’re about to hear now won’t likely be reported in the same way everywhere else because most news outlets will be too afraid to say the obvious because black folks like to be ostriches. SOURCE

One person was killed and four others wounded in an early Sunday shooting at a pre-party in Los Angeles ahead of the Black Entertainment Television Awards show, police said.

The gunman fired several rounds at the gathering at a restaurant and banquet hall about 3 miles (5 km) west of downtown before fleeing, the Los Angeles Police Department said.

One of three people taken to local hospitals by ambulance died, police said. The other two people wounded were in stable condition after seeking their own medical care at area hospitals, police said.

It was unclear whether the shooting happened inside or outside the party venue and whether it was gang related, police said. The suspect has not been located, and the victims’ names have not been released.

The shooting came a day after violence at another pre-party for the BET Awards, due to take place Sunday evening in Los Angeles. On Saturday, a man was stabbed and wounded during a pre-show event at a nightclub in Hollywood, police said.

But the irony of the entire news report can be found in the last paragraph:

The BET Awards show is an annual event that honors African Americans and other minorities in music, film, television, sports and entertainment.

Think quickly. Can you recall any other award shows besides the ratchet hip hop ones where actual people are killed?! And yet folks want to fight tooth and nail to support the very groups that are obviously contributing to the distraction of the black collective. Hip hop is plagued with corrupt, violent felons who in turn, promote the lifestyle of corruption, violence and law-breaking. The positive voices have literally be choked out by worst and the ratchet. Yet, channels like BET along with record companies and the greedy consumers of this garbage keep up production that literally leads to people being KILLED.

Someone on my Facebook timeline said this, and it pretty much sums up how I feel:

Perhaps this gives some insight–Excuse the language . But it’s simply quoting the ignorance. This is what Dr. Boyce Watkins posted on his wall. ————– BET once gave a grand feature to to R. Kelly right after he was allegedly on video sleeping with an underage girl. They then gave a multitude of awards to Lil Wayne, even though he produces lyrics like the ones below. So, when someone gets shot at a BET Awards party, it reminds me of something my ex-girlfriend once said: “If you spend your time singing about roses, then eventually someone is going to bring you some flowers.” 

Read these Lil Wayne lyrics and please tell me how IN-THE-WORLD any black person in their right mind can think that this is not destructive to our children: 

Uh, fuck that nigga, ho ass nigga
Leave that nigga with a toe tag, nigga
Barrel so long you can pole dance, nigga
Run up in ya house, where the dope at, nigga?
Murder she wrote on a notepad, nigga
Light that nigga up, smoke that nigga
Stomp that nigga, roast that nigga
I’m walkin’ ’round with this shotgun and this bitch bigger than me nigga
Don’t open up yo fuckin’ mouth cause I’ll pull the trigger like teeth nigga
Shoot ’em up, then leave, nigga
I smell summer’s eve, nigga
We shoot first, it’s better to give than receive, nigga

And you know who’s laughing at ya’ll BET supporter? The top execs at those places who set up their children with “perfect gentlemen.”


Dudley Payne III and Paige Johnson (BET heiress) on their wedding day. (Matt Blum)

Think on that.

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