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Ron Finley: “Grow Some Sh*t!!”

Saw this video yesterday and thought it was timely, since we’re talking so much these days about eating clean. Take a look at what this man has to say about how to deal with “food deserts.”

Can you believe the City of Los Angeles had the NERVE to try and put a warrant out for this man’s arrest? He did exactly what I would have done. He went to the press and shamed the city into doing the right thing.

Of course this can’t be the solution everywhere. Southern California has a fruit and veggie-ready climate 24/7. Worse, some neighborhoods are virtual war zones, and who wants some idiot kid peeing on your lettuce sprigs? However, it would be a pretty cool gesture if urban cities allowed neighborhoods to cultivate in empty lots while providing some precautions for safety, like security lights and cameras. Because a farm in a desert is a beautiful thing.


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