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“Rookie Blue’s” Enuka Okuma Wedding. Engagement Pics & Video!

Oh joy! Anderson Public Relations came through with lovely pictures of Enuka Okuma and her new husband, Joe. And if by chance, you haven’t heard of the beautiful chocolate actress, let me school you. There will be no quiz (this time) but I do recommend you take notes.

Enuka is wearing the HAY-ELL out of that hat!

Enuka made her film debut in 1999 as a Parolee in Double Jeopardy starring Tommy Lee Jones and in 2000 appeared alongside Ben Affleck as a cocktail waitress in Reindeer. In 2009, she landed the role of Officer Angie Riddick in the film Stolen starring John Hamm.

Can you believe her acting career started because she sucked at high school math? As an aside, I can TOTALLY relate–the part of my brain that calculates stuff is completely necrotized.

Back to our Nigerian born starlet. After discovering math wasn’t the be-all, end-all, she took up acting, and her first on-screen appearance was for a Vancover PSA urging kids to stay in school. (Priceless irony) After scrapping by those pesky maths, she attended Simon Frasier University, a school for the contemporary arts, and received a Bachelor of Arts in theater.

These days, you can see Enuka on ABC’s Rookie Blue, where she plays character, “Traci Nash.” Rookie Blue aired new episodes on June 23rd (ABC 10/9c). Here’s a clip of her goofing off with her co-stars on the set: She’s got a rainbeau love interest in the show, and now has a real-life swirl marriage. Here’s some exclusive engagement photos I snagged for your viewing pleasure. African women are so dang stunning, no?

Enuka is wed to musician Joe Gasparin, and live in Los Angeles. When not on screen or writing, Enuka enjoys vintage shopping, yoga (YOGA!!) and playing with her pet cat Johnny (she can keep the cat, though. I’m allegic). Her publicists pinky promise we’ll get the finished wedding photos, so stay tuned. In the meantime, take a look at the video of her dishing the deets to Entertainment Tonight: So tune in or set your DVR’s and support an actress who actually looks black, and finds love on her own terms.

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