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She’s Baaaaack! Dr. Carole Lieberman, Author of “Bad Girls” Talks Male/Female Double Standard

Last week’s “Hottie of the Week,” brought out more drama than a Korean soap opera. I won’t rehash, but some ladies were rightfully curious about how I go ON AND ON about how black women should join the Black Woman’s Improvement Project, (which is basically a how-to guide to become the best and most-fetching self) while Matthew, said “hottie,” the five-degreed “cast-off” with a few extra pounds to spare was presented to the BB&W Crew as fresh man-meat.

Yes; I do concede there is a double standard when it comes to male and female dating and mating. If dating were the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, women would trade on their looks, allure, sexuality, personality and intelligence. Men would be traded on their power, ambition, ability to pay a mortgage, and how well he can put a hurting on a fool who messes with his woman or his kids.

Not to say we don’t evolve–I mean, if you’re a woman who makes a kabillion dollars a year, who needs a man? Except for one problem–we haven’t re-wired our brains fast enough for this new re-balance of power. Argue with the study if you need to–I’m used to it by now.

So, I brought back Dr. Lieberman, author of Bad Girls: Why Men Love Them & How Good Girls Can Learn Their Secrets to explain the obvious. Then YOU can argue with Dr. Lieberman, who has been on Oprah, Dr. Phil, Larry King, and The Today Show.

But there IS good news! That list last week had no particular order of importance, just a “total package” type deal.

Oh! But first, take a look at the book trailor for lost of fresh man-meat.

Dr. Carole Lieberman II by Christelyn

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