Hottie of the Week

Meet Matthew: BRAIN Candy.

Matthew is one of the millions of invisible rainbeaus that read this blog. Okay; maybe not millions…yet. This guy is someone’s ‘keeper’ for sure.

I’ve added some editorial commentary to aid those who might be handicapped in reading between the lines. They’re in I-TAL-ICS.

Again, the disclaimer: I don’t know Matthew personally so don’t come crying to me if he kills you.

By the way, he’s on Facebook–friend him, here.

If anyone makes a love connection, I DEMAND a full report. He promised me a free flight to the wedding, and I’m hoping he’ll tie the knot in Bermuda.


I have a Bachelor of Science degree with a triple major in Business Administration, Mathematics, and Computer Information Systems.

(Hint! He’s a smarty-pants!)

Currently, I work as an auditor in the federal government with the foreign affairs and homeland security community (and I get to travel a lot with my job). Additionally, I completed a Master of Public Administration degree program at Virginia Tech in Alexandria, VA (and spent some time in Blacksburg for the graduate degree) in May 2008. I am currently enrolled in an Executive Master of Policy Management graduate degree at Georgetown University and will finish that in May 2011. And then I will apply for a public policy or biodefense PhD degree at George Mason University 🙂 One at a time, Matthew 🙂 So now you know a bit about my past, present, and where I am headed in the future, and it may sound like I am too wordy or arrogant (heavens, I hope not)… I guess I just like to be honest with someone.

(He’s well-travelled, and that probably means you’ll get to go too.)

I am a 40 year-old SWPM, 5’8. 5” tall, 189 pounds, ocean blue eyes, thick, wavy dark brown hair… There is a smattering of gray, though, however, I have been told gray hair is distinguished on a male (my sisters tell me this all the time).

I like to read and exercise. I like to attend movies and the theater (loved Rent and Godspell… There is an excellent line-up this year at the National Theatre and the Warner Theatre (where I am a broadway season ticket holder) and if you date me, you will see some theatre… (LOL, hes got a sense of humor!) This, however, does not prohibit us from attending Broadway or off-Broadway shows in the big New York City 🙂 If it is fun, I have an open mind 🙂 This is also the golden age of the liberal documentary… My new favorite movies are An Inconvenient Truth, No End In Sight, Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers, Enron: The Smartest Men In The Room, Outfoxed, Who Killed The Electric Car?, Walmart: The High Cost of Low Price, Super Size Me, and the list goes on.

(Hint: He is NOT politically conservative.)

I also like to attend the symphony. Further, I like to travel (well, I love to travel… I’ve been to 45 countries and have more to see, so I hope you like travel), go to comedy and jazz clubs, and a host of other activities… I go to the Minnesota Lakes in the summer…

And I confess that I am a Virginia Tech football fan (and we are beginning to develop a basketball program)… And the foootball program is always top 10… And to the lucky lady out there, I’ve become a season ticketholder of Virginia Tech football this year… It should be fun… And I might get down to Blacksburg, VA for a few Atlantic Coast Conference basketball games, too… I’m a season ticketholder for basketball, too… ACC basketball!!

(He’s a RABID Virginia Tech fan. If you don’t know what’s a Virginia Tech, then you might want to check it out before you friend him on FB.)

I’m always happy, too, when I see Duke University lose in the first or second round of the NCAA Division I men’s basketball tournament… I’m the President of the fictious Beat Duke Association… LOL. My two favorite teams are Virginia Tech and any team who plays Duke.

We will always remember April 16, 2007 and the spirit of Virginia Tech has never been stronger!! I can’t believe it’s been a year since this has happened.

Well, back to more about my interests: I do like some television… My favorite show on TV is Countdown with Keith Olbermann… He is the best at. Um, finding faults with George Bush. Also, I like Seinfeld, Friends, Frasier, The Office, 24, Two and half men (Charlie Sheen rocks)… I think you get the drift that I like to laugh…

(Now that Keith’s show has been cancelled, it’s up to you to figure out what his NEXT favority show will be.)

But there is more… I’ve helped change the nation and Virginia this year… I volunteered for three Democrats this year, including Barrack Obama for President, Mark Warner for the United States Senate, and James Moran for the House of Representatives… We have changed the nation and Virginia forever. You see, Virginia is blue. Virginia has two Democrats in the United States Senate for the first time since 1971 (the year I was born). And Virginia voted for a Democrat for the first time since 1964. Virginia, she is changing.

We live in country where our political system can deliver a vice-presidental candidate (Palin) who does not know the names of countries in North America, does not know the names of countries in Africa, and does know whether Africa is a continent or a country. This is profound, shocking, massively disturbing level of ignorance in any political candidate in this country, but she was a heartbeat away from the Presidency. Voters need to know that they are being lied to by their politicians about competence. Luckily, the voters caught on to Palin’s act (or McCain’s lack of judgement).

And I love the Washington, DC Improv Comedy Club and Restaurant (aka, the DC Improv)!!! I love to laugh!! Laughing makes me feel good and it is something I like to experience with my partner… I think it makes us both feel good, you know?

I am a very recent Alexandria, VA resident. I just recently bought a condo and move in at the end of August 2003 (I moved from Silver Spring, MD). I graduated in 1994 from a small state university in North Dakota (near Fargo… Have you heard of the movie?). I am a Christian of the Lutheran denomination and I do believe in God… That said, please don’t think of me as a bible thumper just because I’ve said this above… Because I’m certainly not Pat Robertson.

I don’t have any children, but I do like them (maybe someday? Who knows?). Hard to believe it’s been almost six years here in Alexandria… I did not feel it because of my travel with the agency… However, I can enjoy my condo now, thank heavens… I now work protecting the homeland… I just completed my 13th year with the federal government, so I guess you might consider me a stable person with a decent career… Does that sound boring? (smile)

As for my personality, I consider myself intelligent, and humorous. I think I am also a gentleman (which I think is a lost art… You know, opening doors for ladies, sending roses for no reason, calling her to let her know I am thinking about her or to ask her how her day has gone, etc.). Also, I am very affectionate, so if you like to kiss, you won’t have any problem here 🙂 I am non-smoker (and non-tobacco user, in general)… Actually, I am a major, major, major, major non-smoker… It’s kind of a deal breaker for me 🙂 And, so, I hope I don’t sound shallow when I say that (smile)!!!

And… I always see these weird profiles where women say “if you are bisexual or have homosexual thoughts, do not respond.” Let me reassure you ahead of time that I am VERY CONFIDENT in my heterosexuality… I love women 🙂

BTW, if you are an extreme right-winger, please steer clear of this profile (I think I had difficulty with a massive right-winger as you can see above)… I think the Administration might take some advice regarding their position on Iraq from two past Americans (and let me be clear… I support our military 100%… But reasonable people can disagree with foreign policy), Benjamin Franklin and Albert Einstein; the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again expecting different results. Seriously, I think it might be too hard for me to play the role of James in the James Carville/Mary Matalin relationship. Lol.

What Am I Looking For?
I am looking for:
Okay 🙂 Now that we have that out of the way above (smile), here is what I am looking for in a relationship:

I think it is important to let you know that I am not looking for something short-term… This is not some sort of experiment for me and I am serious when I say that…

(HINT! HINT! !!!!!)

I’ve heard of stupid people that cheat on their wives or significant other when they respond to ads and want to make my intentions known here… What I described up here is not me.

This is me: I have dated interracially in the past and it has worked well for me… I am looking for friend at first with the ultimate goal of having a long-term relationship… And I am open to marriage and everything good that goes along with it… The love that you have with your partner… Having children… And sharing our lives with the people that we care about… In short, I want someone that treats me with care and respect that I, in turn, can treat with care and respect. After all, that is what it is all about at the end of the day, right? And certainly, if you feel the same way about any of the same things I have said here, I want to hear from you… Because I want someone to go with me on this journey that we call life… To spend a white Christmas together (which means you will probably travel to the Midwest with me to visit my family if we get to know each other well… Smile)

(HINT: He’s not afraid to take you home to Mamma)

… And live happily ever after. My parents have been married for 46 years and they still go out on “a special date” once a week… And I think that’s the kind of love I want… Am I too old-fashioned?:-)

Well, now that you have seen my resume (if I have not bored you to tears, yet and you have gotten this far… Smile) and what I am all about, let’s talk about you, dear… Let us both take a chance…

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