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My Shocking Lab Results…It’s Almost Unbelievable.

As healthy as I try to be, I found out at my yearly physical that I’m testing pre-diabetic, anemic, and and Vitamin D deficient. This was really a shock. A shock, but also a wake up call. Here’s how I’m taking this on so I will see a change in my follow up appointment in three weeks:

10,000 IU Vitamin D3

The doctor recommended taking this really high dosage every day for three weeks The directions say one capsule per week, so I’m supposing they want my levels to build up, and then back off on it. Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin that stores in the body, and too much can cause major health issues. Since taking Vitamin K aids in absorption of Vitamin D, I’m taking them with a green smoothie made with swiss chard, which is an excellent natural source, according to my food bible, The World’s Healthiest Foods.


Liquid Iron


I like getting my supplementation from more natural vitamin sources without upping my meat consumption. I’m opting for liquid iron, 10 mL a day to see how it goes.

Turmeric & Fish Oil

Taking both of these to reduce inflammation and regulate my mood and concentration.

All in all, I’m disappointed in the test results, but hopeful I can soon turn things around.The most surprising development in all this is discovering the Vitamin D deficiency, and how the high sugar level and anemia might be related to all of it. Also a surprise is the vast number of black women who also suffer from it. For signs and symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency, click here.


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