Question of the Week

Question of the Week: Should Black Women Take Their Cues from Asian Women?

This one is actually my question. I’m doing more research on Asian men/Black women relationships for the book, so my radar has recently been all Asian, all the time. So when Marsha, one of my Facebook friends, said this during a discussion, the fillings in my teeth started vibrating:

I take my cues from Asian-American women. I have quite a few East Asian Canadian and American colleagues and they pick great men (and they are great women themselves). They go for stability, ambition, resources, instead of “swagger”. They don’t settle for less. I never see my East Asian counterpart with a man who has less education and/or earning potential as her. She ends up with a man who prizes her, cherishes her and aims to start a stable thriving family with her. Whenever I encounter a prospect for dating I think: WWMACD? [what would my Asian counterpart do?]

So much talk about relationships puts us up against white women as the ‘gold-standard,’ but is it really Asian women we should emulate when it comes to dating and mating? I observe that many are equal-opportunity daters when it comes to race, but they’ll pick and get the crème de la crème of whoever it is. The use their feminity with ninja precision, work with and accentuate their God-given features (yes; I know some of them are getting “work” done, not really talking about them), and do a pretty good job of snagging and bagging.

What’s your take?


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