Should Facebook Get You Fired? “Essence” Dumps White Male Editor Over His Conservatism

Another one bites the dust thanks to Facebook…

Michael Bullerdick, the ill-fated Essence managing editor has been essentially canned from the mag, reportedly for his conservative political and satirical posts on Facebook (BTW, Beyond Black & White was the first to break the story of Bullerdick’s hire last summer). But, but…I thought Mr. Bullerdick would not be responsible for editorial content, just managing the schedule, in a broom closet, in the basement, far far far far far away from the wimmins. Fact is, I think Essence had no choice but to dump him, otherwise magazine sales would have dropped further into the tank as news got out about an “extreme conservative” was infiltrating the ranks of the black woman’s oldest and most sacred editorial bastion; because by the time all the black-interest news outlets, radio shows, television shows and You Tube rants were over, Michael Bullerdick will be rumored to be the middle-aged “Damien” from The Omen.  Here’s the deal: I’ve written for magazines for a long time. And to say that a managing editor has no power is like saying Dick Cheney didn’t ever tell George W. Bush what to do about Iraq. I’ve gotten gigs because of the influence of managing editors. They do have power–and they wield it readily.

My question is, did the man do his job right? Did he “manage” the schedule like a good little whipping boy?



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