Show Me the Links!! We’re Self-Hating “White Meat” Chasers? Show Me Where.


In an effort to stop the deliberate smears, slander and outright lying going on about this site, I’m going to welcome all friends, foes and trolls to show CONCRETE examples with LINKS of WHICH POSTS any of our editors EVER suggest the following:

White men are the ONLY choice for black women.

ALL black men are evil.

White men are our savior. All hail “Greg” the white god of swirling.

That ANY white man will do.

Or any variation of the above.


So come on. You’re all so convinced we write this stuff on the regular, those links should be easy to find. Post them in the comments section, along with the exact quote from the author that alludes to our self-hatred and/or worship of the White God of Swirling, Greg.

NOTE: comments DO NOT COUNT, so don’t even try it. Go to any site and you’ll find wacky comments, but you can blame the site for that, can you? Well you could, but you’d be an idiot.

Mods…I’m sorry in advance for the cluster-cuss that will ensue, but it must be done. I’m sick of people lying about us, this site and the people who frequent it.

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