What Skiing in Big Bear Taught Me About Interracial Dating Prospects for Black Women

This weekend was enlightening on so many levels. While me and the kids learned to ski for the first time, hubby was out on the highest mountain. I was relegated to the bunny slopes. And, after all that effort, I have a new appreciation for winter sports–that shit is hard. I’m sore like I was in a car accident. Turns out all of my kids are naturals, especially Maxi, and after two lessons the instructors told her she should start training for the Olympics.



OMG thank you snow gods for the magic carpet (electric hill escalator) and the chair lifts. It’s about all the relaxation I got from using every muscle in my body to keep from falling.

We stayed at an amazing cabin in Big Bear, which I highly recommend if you’re at all curious about visiting. Click here for details.


So, with all the effort it took to keep from falling over, I was famished and exhausted at lunchtime. The kids and hubby were ready to go, while I was drowning my sorrows in paleo-forbidden domestic draft beer.

While I was sitting around in the common area, I couldn’t help but notice how many uncoupled, young, fit, and gorgeous men there were of all races. The men far outnumbered the women. Dude-bros were on testosterone-fueled mini vacations, and let me tell you–they ALL must have had jobs, because skiing ain’t cheap.


 Me, surrounded by testosterone…

I was shocked, SHOCKED by the sheer amount of Asian men I saw there; many of them were on group trips with their geeky college clubs for engineers and med students. I had a great convo with an engineering student from UC San Diego who grew up in Taiwan and spoke perfect English. Guess that’s what happens when you go to an international school from birth! He gave me a really cool lesson on communism in China, and how Taiwan isn’t having it. They have a president and really like that Americans buy all their chotskies.  But because I struck up a convo in line while waiting for my bunless hotdog, I learned a lot about international politics, and if I were single, I could have finagled a date out of that guy.

Then came my conversation with four friends–three Asian, one white–on the topic of interracial relationships. It was really cool to get such a candid response from these guys, who were in their mid 20’s. Of course I asked the AM/BW questions regarding the moms threatening suicide if they brought home black girls, and the whole “Korean hierarchy of Asian supremacy” rumors. The short version is, YES there can be an issue with first born sons dating and marrying non-Asians, but it’s not just black. One of the guys told me his parents had a conniption and three heart attacks when they found out their son was dating a “slutty” white girl. The lone white guy in the group lamented that he’s tried to approach black women in the past, but they’ve given him the brush off.


When I told them this blog gets broadcast to thousands of single black women, all the guys were scurrying to get into a photo, and one even gave me his phone number so I can hook him up. So ladies if you’re interested in the pureblooded German from Chino Hills, California, I’ll be sending him a link to this post so speak up in the comments! Also the two Korean guys are single. The guy in the plaid is taken by the white chick I mentioned.


Openness to Swirling Backed by Science?

Perhaps their openness to interracial relationships has something to do with why these guys were skiing and snowboarding in the first place. There’s psychology behind it! A 1960 University of Delaware by psychology professor Marvin Zuckerman, PhD, categorized men who participate in such active sports as “sensation seekers.” As such, “High sensation-seeking reaches into every aspect of people’s lives, affecting engagement in risky sports, relationship satisfaction before and during marriage, tastes in music, art and entertainment, driving habits, food preferences, job choices and satisfaction, humor, creativity and social attitudes.” [SOURCE]

Seriously ladies, if you haven’t thought about skiing, think about it now. A cute brown girl in a snow suit wearing a smile and a bubbly personality will get you dates like you have no freaking idea.



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