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Janice on, Skip the Heels and the Club: Creative Ways to Meet a Mate

There's a whole world in there!

Besides Christmastime, summer is my favorite time of the year. It’s sundress, shorts and sandals weather – and as a single gal, it’s a great time to get out and get my swirl on. But where, oh where — many of you have asked — do you go to meet guys these days? Actually, my single ladies, it’s easier than you think.

Malls, markets, bookstores, and bars are still places to meet single guys. I’m still a fan of online dating sits (even though it hasn’t worked for me) and searching Facebook friends of friends can provide an e-six degrees of separation hook-up you may never get offline.

Also consider things you enjoy – or would like to try – and let that be your guide. In my case, training for my first L.A. Marathon meant hours trekking from El Segundo to Redondo Beach and frequent run-ins with like-minded hoofers, one of whom I later dated. For a friend of mine who loves to travel, a singles cruise to Mexico led her down the aisle a year later. (And weddings, by the way, are still great places to meet men.)

Or, you can surf the web for some interesting ideas from a multitude of sites that have articles on the subject. I did, and here are some suggestions that I particularly like:

  • Go back to school: Taking a class, any class, will not only allow you to learn something new, but make new friends with similar interests, according to Conversation is always easier if you have something in common.
  • Eat out: Busy, single men don’t have time to cook, says This is why they need a girlfriend! Just kidding. However, when they are tired and hungry after work, they dine out at restaurants. So if you want to meet a new man, try a new restaurant at least once a week…or become a regular at one of your favorites.
  • Hit the gym: Hot guys with toned bodies, need we say more?, says
  • Get a dog: A dog can be woman’s best friend when it comes to meeting men, says But don’t take Fido for just any old walk — bring him to the local dog park for a more social stroll. That way, while the pooch plays with his new pals, you can make a few of your own.
  • Host a shindig. Throwing parties is one of the best ways to get yourself into the dating scene, according to Have your guests bring a friend, and even if you don’t meet an eligible bachelor at your own shindig, becoming the hostess with the mostest will naturally get you reciprocally invited to barbecues, wine-tastings, poetry readings, etc. where you might meet Mr. Right.
  • Fly the friendly skies: The next time you have a flight, look out for cute guys who might also be flying the same plane,” suggests And who knows, maybe your seat will be next to his!
  • Be politically active: The hottest political organization these days is the Save Darfur Coalition, according to Stars like George Clooney are getting involved in the movement, and the number of members (read: smart, passionate guys) is rapidly increasing. If you feel fired up for the cause too, check out upcoming rallies, vigils, roundtables, and concerts. Or join a political campaign. The best part: many senatorial and gubernatorial campaign teams are male-dominated (and) the atmosphere is intense… which lends itself to a live-for-the-moment attitude that’s conducive to love connections.
  • Follow those Northern lights. Alaska is a gold mine…or, rather, a man mine, according to When all else fails, the rush is still on for oil millionaires, outdoorsmen and generally all-around great guys. Parking yourself on a street corner with a sign that says, “I’m single and looking for trouble” should do the trick.
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