What the Cuss?

Sometimes You Have to See to Believe. My Exchange with a Crazy, Black Militant.

Meet JeVonti Davis. He’s a black man from Chicago who hates white people, is arming himself for a race war, would kill the white man who ever dared to love his daughter, and says when the race war comes, he’s killing me and my husband. Oh. But wait…he was just kidding. You have to read to believe.
You hate black men don’t you, go ahead and admit it.
I try to ignore you, but sometimes I can’t help myself, and watch your videos.
I’m conscious, and a pro-black nationalist, so seeing black women w/ white men, etc. used to bother me tremendously. I’m desensitized towards this issue now. I’m from the metropolis of Chicago, so I see this a lot. So go ahead and swirl sistah.
Lastly, I’ve also experienced a lot of racism, discrimination, and overall condescension FROM THE WHITE MAN, etc. So, I see them as the enemy, and perceive it as disrespect when they lay with our sisters, but DON’T RESPECT US.
It’s a man thing, a woman couldn’t understand.
But, overall, God has granted me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, so the shit doesn’t even bother me anymore.
Christelyn Karazin
I don’t hate black men…sheesh
Christelyn Karazin
I seriously hope you find peace. Because I have NEVER said I hate all black men…because I don’t. Did you see THIS?! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WrFR8moPZxo

Christelyn’s Brother Comments On Her Interracial Relationship!
This video is about Christelyn’s Brother
Christelyn Karazin
But it’s whatever you need to believe to get you through the night, JeVonti.
Okay, your brother seems to be a fine representation of a black man, so I pre-figure you might just have a fetish for white boys (growing up in that environment of racial diversity).
The difference between me and your brother is that I also grew up in the 80’s and 90’s; in Chicago, which was VERY segregated. I’ve experienced LOTS OF RACISM, been called LOTS OF NIGGERS, BEEN JUMPED ON BY LOTS OF MEXICANS, AND BEEN DISCRIMINATED AGAINST AND LOOKED DOWN ON BY LOTS OF WHITE BOYS.
But Chicago is now integrated, but I haven’t forgotten my past, and I still endure these negative racial experiences, however minutely.
But that just explains why I think the way I think, and feel the way I feel. THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU, so continue on and swirl on.
You a Scorpio, or Sagittarius. Not tryin’ to get personal, just curious.
Christelyn Karazin
I have no fetish for white boys. I dated primarily black men my entire life.
Christelyn Karazin
And…I’m a Cancer. My birthday was last Friday.
Well, well, well; my daughter is a Cancer. If she decides to date a white boy, I’ll slap her and kill him. Okey dokey, happy belated birthday, my friend. If I have any more burning desires, I’ll be sure to message you.
Realistically, I’ll just tell him to stay the fuck away from my daughter, and if I catch her with him, wup his ass. I WOULDN’T APPROVE, and I’ll be sure to let him know that.
And I know white people, etc. are not all racist and condescending towards the black man; BUT, most of them are.
AND, I know for a muthafuckin’ fact, that some peckerwood honkies get wit’ our sisters, because they have a slave master mentality, AND TO INTENTIONALLY DISRESPECT AND CONQUER US!!!
Another thing I noticed is they’ll speak to ya’ll before they speak to us. And I’m not looking for attention, either. It’s a just a complete, total disregard. IT’S LIKE YA’LL BELONG TO THEM, NOT US.
A lot of black women have a white sugar daddy complex, especially you. It’s inborn from slavery.
But, fuck it, I’m over it.
How do you feel about the Sarah Bland situation?
If you don’t respond to anything, respond to this.
Christelyn Karazin
Hi…okay I’ll respond. I just saw the video and while I think she might have been better off keeping her mouth shut and not agitating the policeman, he escalated the situation. Policemen are taught how to ignore when people get nasty with them verbally. Many policemen have issues with power. They have their egos tied to if, and their job is the how they get the power rush they seek. As far as what happened after she was jailed, I can’t say.
Sounds rational, but could you possibly envision yourself in her shoes?
What will you do, when the race war is finally CATALYZED? May God be with us.
Christelyn Karazin
I have been in her shoes. I’ve written about police brutality a lot. But you don’t know me, otherwise you wouldn’t have asked me
Christelyn Karazin
And let me tell you something. The race war that you speak of, should scare the hell out of you. Because there is no way on God’s green earth that black folks would win it. I’m not sure why you would want to hasten bloodshed of your brothers and sisters.
Christelyn Karazin
Also, if the mythical race war do occur (which is won’t sorry, but it won’) My husband has the means and ability to spirit our entire family out of the country in less than 24 hours. But most people won’t be that lucky, so I would never wish for that for my people, because it would never end well for us. Not ever.
Well, I’m proud that I’m part of that elite percentage, willing to sacrifice their life FOR RESPECT.
I know we don’t have the technical, martial resources, or training the White man has, to equate him in a race war. That’s why I say GOD BE WITH US.
Christelyn Karazin
You won’t get respect. You’ll get untold pain and bloodshed. The American government would never allow a full scale civil war. It would never happen. What about your daughter? Would you be willing to sacrifice her for a war everyone would LOSE?!
Christelyn Karazin
Oh JeVonti. I’m so sorry you’re filled with so much hate that you are willing to kill people you hate just for the color of their skin, and most likely, those people will have been innocent, because they have done nothing to you but be white. Can you see the absolute folly in all this?
I admit, the Black man ISN’T READY to catalyze the revolution, we need discipline, martial arts/firearms training, and resources. I’m studying with the Hebrew Israelite’s, and they don’t believe the Black man will be placed in his rightful position until Jesus comes back; which is realistic. I’m not hateful, I’m just not a pacified house negro.
The Hebrew Israelites, also believe that WE’RE CURSED; meaning the American black man WON’T DO what he’s supposed to do, as far as following God is concerned. They believe we’re THE REAL biblical Israelites, and the current White Israeli institution is the synagogue of Satan.
I ain’t mad at you, Christelyn. But, YOU ARE an advocate for the status quo, WHICH IS the sustenance of White supremacy.
Speaking of our children, your bi-racial, mulatto son. How do you feel about him encountering the WRONG WHITE COP.
News Flash: You got peckerwoods who won’t GIVE A FUCK about where your son comes from, who his daddy is, his education, career, etc. They’ll consider him a mongrel nigger, and beat his ass, just like the rest of us. THEY’LL DO YOU THE SAME WAY, TOO.
But, I will admit, you are realistic in your LOW confidence level regarding black people. We have lots of work to do. But we’re in the initial stages of awareness, then THIS WILL FRUITION INTO UNIFICATION.
But, one thing I respect about you Christelyn, you’re standing firm to your belief system. I’M NOT TRYING TO CONVERT YOU. JUST TRYING TO FIGURE YOU OUT (your love for white people, etc.)
You have a serious ‘White Sugar Daddy complex. But it’s not all your fault. It’s inbred from slavery.
When I was a lil’ boy, growing up in the 80’s, I HATED MYSELF. I hated being an ugly lil’ black boy. I wanted to be a cute lil’ white boy, superhero, etc. AND DATE ‘PUNKY BREWSTER.
But, thanks to the teachings of the ‘MOST HONORABLE ELIJAH MUHAMMAD, and Malcolm X, I grew out of that shit, QUICK.
Christelyn Karazin
Okay JeVonti. I can no longer have an exchange with you. It’s nice to have choices, and I chose not to be insulted by someone who is a stranger to me. Me husband of 13 years, who was by my side after three difficult births, who has been a good provider and protect for my family, is NOT a white sugar daddy. HOW DARE YOU.
Christelyn Karazin
You are SO JEALOUS of white men, and men like you only want to usurp white supremacy for black supremacy so you can call the shots. Either way, you want to subjugate your women and pretty much be like the Taliban over us. NO THANKS. Nothing in that for me or my three sweet and beautiful daughters.
You misunderstood me, I said you have a White sugar daddy fetish. HA, HA, HA, HA.
Christelyn Karazin
How is that possible?! I DATED ONE WHITE MAN seriously in my whole life, and prior to that, almost black men exclusively. So tell me again how I have a fetish? No, never mind. I don’t care what you think of me.
Okey dokey, Christelyn. I understand; you’ve had bad experiences with the brotha’s and gave up on us. I ain’t mad at you. God blessed you with a wonderful white man, and you said ‘FUCK THE BRIOTHAS’. Ha, ha, ha, ha.
Christelyn Karazin
You’re right about one thing. I was blessed with a wonderful man. Smart women love those who love them.
Okey dokey, sistah. I’m not trying to infiltrate into your relationship, or throw a monkey wrench into your happiness. CONTINUE TO BE HAPPY, SISTAH. I still love you.
Christelyn Karazin
Smart women respect those who show respect to them. And instead of guilting me for the disrespect and disregard I might has experienced dating black men, why don’t you TALK TO YOUR BROTHERS about how shitty some of them treat their women? Why harass me? Black men date and marry white women at 24%, yet you’re here BULLYING me! How crazy is that?
But, I’M NOT ONE OF THEM. I’M self proclaiming myself as one of the elite percentage.
Christelyn Karazin
Black women marry interracially at 12%. Black men do it at 24%, yet you are HERE harassing, guilting and mocking me. That is what bullies do. TALK TO YOUR BROTHERS.
Christelyn Karazin
One of the “elite” is NOT enough for every black woman who wants a loving relationship.
Another thing, I’m not attracted to white woman, etc. I’ve outgrown that White woman trophy perception, inbred from slavery.
I don’t find them attractive anymore.
You’re right, you got a lot of sleep brothas.
Christelyn Karazin
You are just ONE. You need to look at this video, and see the pain that sisters go through. This is not made up. This is happening widespread. https://youtu.be/5mBnM2EUp0Q

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Christelyn Karazin
Nope. Most of ya’ll are just SLEEP. And quality black women are putting up deuces with the disrespect, illegitimacy, and belittling. Guilting and bullying won’t bring them back, JaVonti.
Alright I’m finsto check out the video.
I ain’t trying to bring y’all back.
When/if/whatever the race war kick off, I’M KILLIN’ YOU ALONGSIDE HIM!!!
Christelyn Karazin
I just reported your death threat to Facebook.
You took that a lil’ bit TOO SERIOUSLY!!1
If you reread it, I was speaking in general.
This is just a fun debate, I dont’ want to kill you. I’m just speaking in general, if the race war kicks off, the bed wench has to go, WITH HER MASTER.
You took that way too personally, Christelyn.
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