What the Cuss?

Sounds Like Another Okey-Doke: Study Says Black Women Don’t Want Long Term Relationships

Yes, that’s right. Us black women have absolutely no desire for marriage, intact homes and loving and committed partners, according to a study by NPR, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and the Harvard School of Public Health. Yes ladies. We really want to be unmarried baby mamas with no husbands. Marriage is for white people.

Yeah. So according to this study, only one quarter black women want long term relationships. We are just so happy being alone, ya’ll! We are so happy being jump offs, long term girlfriends with no marital benefits, raising our kids all alone, embracing all manner of the struggle.

But get this!!! The study revealed that it was BLACK MEN who wanted long term relationships (53%) over black women! Yes. You read that right. Black men want marriage and long term relationships, but us black women just don’t want it!!! Wow, such evil, slutty Jezebels we are. Those poor men, wanting a long term relationship and connection and we just rebuff them. Black women are the source of all evil in the black community, and now NPR, the Rober Wood Johnson Foundation and Harvard has prove it without a shadow of a doubt. Yes Keisha. It really IS all your fault. Take a look at this quote from a man who read this study. Now he has even more reason to hate us. We’re sooooo awful.

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 9.53.34 AM

And, this is a “top commenter, ya’ll. He’s got tenure.

Can’t you just imagine the round up of fresh You Tube videos holding up this study as proof that black women are disgusting sluts who don’t want men, want to party, crank out kids with no father, and weave three-foot weaves??light woman

Robert Blendon, a professor at the Harvard School of Public Health and a co-director of the poll, said that the participants were also asked financial questions, and he found that money was a major concern for both Black men and women when it came to relationships.

“The African-American community that we interviewed report a lot of financial insecurity about things that could go wrong in the future—losing jobs, not being able to pay medical bills, etc.,” he said. “It’s been reported a number of times: On the average, African-American women are staying in school longer than men. That also affects the choice for long-term partner.”

He added that if this trend shown in the study continues, it could significantly influence the future of Black families. [what black family? 73% of the kids born are not intact already]

“As generations move forward in African-American communities, there are going to be less LTRs, and it will shape what communities look like for the next few decades if people don’t develop long-term partnerships here.” [Gee; you think??] [SOURCE]

It’s funny how we black folks are so worried about financial burdens that might be a concern in the future when it comes to marriage, but whatever, it’s cool: we can have a few babies that cost about one kabillion dollars to raise until adulthood though?? Have we really lost our collectively got-dam minds, or is this study as bogus and Kim Kardashian’s ass?

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