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Springtime in the Garden: Root Veggies with Fresh Herbs + How To Video


I planted these carrots, white and red beets and onions last fall, and boy…it took forever for them to grow during the short days of winter! But once the days extended these babies exploded in growth, and I’m really enjoying the harvest. I’m trying to go through the bed of beets, onions and carrots in the next week or so, so I can give planting corn in a raised bed  on last Hail Mary.

My mistake last year was growing a really large variety that got really tall and had at least four husks. After doing some research, I’ve realized that only certain smaller varieties can do well in a bed. I’m going to plant them alongside green beans and train them up the corn stalks. At the very least, it will make for quite a visual!

The thyme and sage used in this recipe are so easy to keep in pots or grow bags, and they need only water and an occasional nitrogen-rich organic fertilizer.

Are you confused about how big your pots need to be for a good yield on your summer vegetables? I got you covered.

To roast the root veggies:

Preheat oven to 400

Lightly coated the root vegetables with olive oil and sprinkle salt to taste.

Sprinkle one or two sprigs of thyme and a couple chopped sage leaves and mix until the items are well coated.

Roast in a foil-lined baking dish for 30 minutes (stirring occasionally), or until the vegetables are tender when you poke them with a fork.


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