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Swirling Couple on the Cover of “Los Angeles” Magazine, But Don’t Get Too Excited.

When I got this image from a fan, I was intrigued. After all, it seems like couples that look like us are popping up all over magazines, television and movies.

cover1013_smReally? Black woman on the cover kissing a white guy with a GIGANTIC “Sex in L.A.” title?  Do I even need to go into detail about why this is annoying?

According to the site’s summary

Hot in the City

By Nancy Miller

L.A. is a sexy place, but not always in the ways people think. A look at how Angelenos get it on today

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no prude…sex is awesome. But I’m sort of annoyed that kissing a black woman would be associated with the art of getting laid in Los Angeles. We haven’t moved that far and fast away from the notion that black women are sex-starved, sex hungry Jezebels, have we?

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