Swirling, Young, Beautiful and Disabled?

Whitney Mitchell & boyfriend Garrett Whitney and Garrett at the Alamo

In light of the wonderful discussion prompted by a QOTW that stumped our wise one, I could not help think of the first person who followed me on Tumbler.  Meet Whitney Mitchell.  Whitney is a phenomenal young woman who touches everyone she meets.  You are drawn to her bubbly personality, positive demeanor and beautiful smile.  You hardly notice that Whitney is a quadruple amputee at all.  Her condition does not define her and she thrives in spite of it.  In fact Whitney is more determined than ever to be the dancer she always dreamed of being.  Whitney is in constant company of people who love and adore her — family, friends and strangers alike are inspired by her winning attitude and refusal to be defeated.  I don’t detect bitterness due to a medical misdiagnosis causing her condition.

Proving that anyone can find love anywhere, Whitney is a young, swirling sister whose dedicated, loving fiancé Garrett never left her side.  One cannot help but cheer this outstanding young woman on to greatness.  I don’t really even think the word disabled is in Whitney’s vocabulary.  I would venture to say that Whitney is more abled than many of us who have all our limbs.  “Stay Strong” is her motto.   Read about Whitney on her website and send a shout out on her Tumbler page.  Whitney welcomes questions and inquiries from all!  What disability?  Go girl!

Whitney Mitchell a

Whitney Mitchell 3

Whitney Mitchell 2

Whitney Mitchell 4

Whitney pictured with famed motivator Nick Vujicic.

Whitney Mitchell 10

Whitney Mitchell 9

Whitney Mitchell 12

Whitney Mitchell 5

Whitney Mitchell 6

Whitney Mitchell 7

Whitney Mitchell 1

Whitney Mitchell 8Bling, she got the ring!






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