‘The Benefactress’ Inspires Brenda55 Give Books Away, Too!

You guys are lucky. There are two ladies in the BB&W crew who care a lot about you, because they dropped down some $$ so the young readers can great a copy of Kola Boof’s new book, The Sexy Part of the Bible.

In addition to ‘The Benefactress’ contribution of the initial five copies earlier this week, she was so tickled that they were snagged up so quickly that SHE BOUGHT FIVE MORE! (Benefactress, I have $20,000 in school loans, and since you’re feeling so generous…;-)

And THEN, Brenda55 was so inspired, she decided to join in and give another five, so that’s 10 MORE BOOKS TO GIVE AWAY.

Since I’m so lousy at paperwork, first ten ladies to respond to this post gets them. I’ll put up a summary and then you email me your shipping addresses at info AT beyondblackwhite DOT COM.

By the way, did you know Brenda55 is one of the moderators at Evia’s new forum. Check it out here.

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