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The BWIP Continued: Cocktails, Anyone?

I am a big fan of Mad Men despite the fact that I am unable to watch it with my usual zealotry, thank you NWNW, for completely overrunning my TEE VEE life.

But what I find really classy are the cocktail parties. I mean, people donned in their best after work attire, Aqua Net vapor intermingling with perfume, no one gagging because their to busy flying on those two sheets in the wind.

Which gives me an idea. (Okay, it wasn’t REALLY my idea, but this is my blog and I am Queen of BB&W!) With the holidays coming up, now is the puuuuurrrfect time to host one of the rainbow parties everybody’s been rumbling about in the comment section.

LISTEN UP RAINBOW MEN! This is a good time to make yourself useful. We want to know WHERE the HECKY you are, if you’re involved in an interracial relationship, and if you’re willing to share the joy by inviting some young ladies who want to meet other rainbow men whilst downing liquid courage.

LADIES! If you have a rainbow boyfriend or husband, channel your inner Emily Post and host a classy party for the holidays. You don’t even need to wait that long! Halloween is coming up! What better reason to play “Spin the Bottle”?

Here at BB&W, we are a community. We help each other. I want to help you get laid–I mean–cultivate a meaningful relationship.

Parties need not be expensive either, especially if you make the ticket for entry offerings of food, beer and wine.

Kimberly Jessey recently started an IR Facebook fan page for the Los Angeles area. She’s trying to get an idea of how many swirlers are in her area, so that she can host a party. I encourage others to do the same in their neck of the woods.

In the meantime, I will leave you with this little how-to snippet:

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